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Capocelli Prize

The Capocelli Prize is awarded annually by the DCC program committee for an outstanding student authored and presented DCC paper, in memory of Renato M. Capocelli, May 3, 1940 - Aril 8, 1992, a friend and colleague who served on the DCC program committee during its initial two years.

The winner of the award is voted by the DCC program committee and notified during the year following the conference.

Previous Capocelli Prize winners:


Nicola Cotumaccio, Gran Sasso Science Institute
"Graphs can be succinctly indexed for pattern matching in O(|E|2 + |V|5/2) time"


Jarno N. Alanko and Louisa Seelbach Benkner, University of Helsinki and University of Siegen
"Tunneling of Wheeler Graphs"
(coauthored with Travis Gagie and Gonzalo Navarro)


Bichuan Guo, Tsinghua University
"Convex Optimization based Bit Allocation for Light Field Compression under Weighting and Consistency Constraint"
(coauthored with Yuxing Han and Jiangtao Wen)
Adriàn Gòmez Brandòn, Universidade da Coruña
"Two-Dimensional Block Trees"
(coauthored with Nieves R. Brisaboa, Travis Gagie, and Gonzalo Navarro)


Qin Huang, University of Southern California
"Measure and Prediction of HEVC Perceptually Lossy/Lossless Boundary QP Values"
(coauthored with Sung Chang Lim, Hui Yong Kim, Se Yoon Jeong, and C.-C. Jay Kuo)


Naoufal Amrani, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
"Regression Wavelet Analysis for Progressive-Lossy-to-Lossless Coding of Remote-Sensing Data"
(coauthored with Joan Serra-Sagristà, Miguel Hernández-Cabronero, and Michael Marcellin)
Héctor Ferrada, University of Chile
"Improved Range Minimum Queries"
(coauthored with Gonzalo Navarro)


Julian Shun, Carnegie Mellon University
"Parallel Wavelet Tree Construction"


David M. Chen, Stanford University
"Interframe Coding of Global Image Signatures for Mobile Augmented Reality"
(coauthored with Mina Makar, Andre F. Araujo, and Bernd Girod)


Roberto Konow, University of Chile
"Faster Compact Top-k Document Retrieval"
(coauthored with Gonzalo Navarro)


Christopher Mattern, Technische Universität Ilmenau
"Mixing Strategies in Data Compression"


John Z. Sun, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Scalar Quantization For Relative Error"
(coauthored with Vivek Goyal)


Navid Abedini, Texas A&M University
"A SAT-Based Scheme to Determine Optimal Fix-free Codes"
(coauthored with Sunil Khatri and Serap Savari)


Pavol Hanus, Technische Universitat Munchen
"Source Coding Scheme for Multiple Sequence Alignments"
(coauthored with Janis Dingel, Georg Chalkidis, Joachim Hagenauer)


Yuval Kochman, Tel Aviv University
"Noise-Shaped Predictive Coding for Multiple Descriptions of a Colored Gaussian Source"
(coauthored with Jan Ostergaard and Ram Zamir)


Dongsheng Bi, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
"State Machine Interpretation of Arithmetic Codes for Joint Source and Channel Coding"
(coauthored with Michael W. Hoffman, and Khalid Sayood)
Lav Varshney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Toward a Source Coding Theory for Sets"
(coauthored with Vivek K. Goyal)


Emin Martinian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Source Coding with Distortion Side Information at the Encoder"
(coauthored with G. W. Wornell, and R. Zamir)


Narayana P. Santhanam, University of California at San Diego
"Performance of Universal Codes Over Infinite Alphabets"
(co-authored with A. Orlitsky)


Dan Blandford, Carnegie Mellon University
"Index Compression Through Document Reordering"
(co-authored with G. Belloch)


Qian Zhao, California Institute of Technology
"Optimal Code Design for Lossless and Near Lossless Source Coding in Multiple Access Networks"
(co-authored with M. Effros)


Edwin S. Hong, University of Washington
"Group Testing for Image Compression"
(co-authored with R. E. Ladner)


Kunihiko Sadakane, University of Tokyo
"Fast Algorithms for Making Suffix Arrays and for Burrows-Wheeler Transformation"


Matthias Ruhl and Hannes Hartenstein, Universitat Freiburg
"Optimal Fractal Coding is NP-Hard"


Earl Levine, Stanford University
"Stochastic Vector Quantization, and Stochastic VQ with State Feedback Using Neural Networks"


Suzanne Bunton, University of Washington
"The Structure of DMC"


Anurag Bist, University of Hawaii
"Differential State Quantization of High-Order Gauss-Markov Process"